Gagan Toor Dal

Jain Traders and Padam International together bring to you “Gagan Toor Dal” – the finest and purest form of your very favorite pulses. This relishing toor dal is brought to you from the land of Karnataka, which is well known for the production of optimum quality of dal. Since 1999, Gagan Toor Dal is enriching families from different states of India like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, with its goodness and taste. Gagan toor dal is handpicked and finely processed to ensure the best quality dal for our consumers.We are trustable Wholesale Toor Dal Distributors and Manufacturer In Indore.

What’s on your menu today?

Is it your favorite Dal Fry or delicious Daal bati? Or is it the flavory Dal Dhokli or the richful Sambhar? Gagan toor dal gratifies every Indian Recipe with its wholesomeness, unique flavor and mouth-watering aroma.
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